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Simple And Secure
Access To Applications.

Your account is protected by multi-factor
authentication with biometric signature.

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Mutli-Factor Authentication
Offer your employees and customers a
simple yet highly secured method for signing
into websites, applications, and devices using
any personal and/or corporate device.

Download Incito Browser from Apple AppStore and Google Play to experience multi-factor authentication and stop hackers from compromising your online accounts.

It's what identifies who
you say you are.

Dynamic Device Token
Software generated alpha
numeric string representing
each successful login.

Device Recognition
Limit what bad actors can use to
compromise users' accounts.

GEO Location
Verify user location and determine
the bad actor is operating outside the
comfort zone of the verified user.

Profile Blockchain
Eliminates 99.9999% of bad actors
from compromising users' accounts.

Biometric Signatures
Uniquely identifies who you are.
Incito Browser For Everyone

Incito Browser runs in incognito mode. Incito Browser does not track you. Incito Browser is Internet Disability Access (IDA) compliant; it reads website contents to those who are blind. It gives people with disability the ability to navigate the Internet with their voice.
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