Multi-Factor Authentication
Offer your employees and customers a simple but yet highly secured method for signing into websites, applications, and devices using any personal and/or corporate controlled devices.
6-Factor Authentication

1 - Username
2 - Dynamic Device Token
3 - Device
4 - GEO Location
6 - Profile Blockchain
5 - Password or Biometric Signature

iSign's multi-factor authentication uses all 6 factors or a combination of factors above to prevent bad actors from penetrating users' accounts. Username is a given. Bad actors would first have to guess what the username is before they can attempt to compromise the user's account. If the bad actor is able to guess what the username is, they would then have to guess what the Dynamic Device Token is.

The Dynamic Device Token is a software generated long alpha numeric string that represents a successful login. Each time a user logs into his/her account, a Dynamic Device Token is generated. If a bad actor was able to steal this Dynamic Device Token, the bad actor has a limited time to try to use it to break into the user's account because the next time the user successfully logs into his/her account, a new Dynamic Device Token is generated and the previous Dynamic Device Token is rendered obsolete.

To prevent automated hacking of users' accounts, Device recognition is used to limit what bad actors can use to compromise users' accounts; further slowing down the bad actors and making it more expensive for the bad actors.

To isolate bad actors, iSign uses GEO Location recognition to weed out bad actors outside of the comfort zone of users' access locations. This forces bad actors to either be physically near the users' locations or fake the GeO Locations using sophisticated software GEO Location software tools; further slowing down the bad actors and making it very expensive to hack user's accounts.

Profile Blockchain eliminates 99.999% of bad actors from compromising users' accounts. Every device used by the user has the same Profile Blockain. This Profile Blockchain represents every successful login. It contains the login behaviors of the user. Using iSign's sophisticated artificial intelligence to analyze user login behaviors from the profile blockchain, iSign authentication can truely identify with high degree of confidence that the user is who they say they are.

The 6th factor is either Password or Biometric Signature. If the user chooses to use password to protect his/her account, the previous 5 factors is all that is necessary to secure the user's account with 99.999% confidence. If the user chooses biometric signature to secure his/her account, iSign's authentication is 100% effective in securing the user's access. iSign's biometric signature is dynamic and has an infinite possibility. Bad actors would have to spend over 30 years or spend vast amount of money to brute force attack users' accounts; which is not practical.
Simplifying Authentication with QR
To further enhance user's multi-factor authentication experience, iSign has created a dynamic QR communication platform that enables signed in users to quickly use their mobile device to sign into a secondary device, such as ATMs, vehicles, and any other devices requiring authentication. To sign in, signed in user would simply click the QR Scan icon and scan the QR on the device requesting authentication and the user is granted access to that device. This process takes less than 2 seconds to accomplish!

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