iSecure Protector SE
Protect your servers with real-time end point security with dynamic port openning.
Cloud Management
Simple to use cloud management tool to manage all your servers from anywhere. With just a few steps, you can easily turn on and off RDP or SSH ports.

Multi-Factor Security
iSecure Protector SE Cloud Management is protected by iSign's multi-factor authentication.

Real-time Network Packet Detection
iSecure Protector SE analyzes each packet and translates the origin or destination of the network packets and displays useful information such as IP Address, City, Province, Country, and ISP. From this information, you can decide to block the IP Address from further access. With easy configuration, you can restrict network packets by country, city, province, and ISP.

Once iSecure Protector SE has been configured, it begins to automatically blocked IP Addresses based on the configuration. There is no need to constantly monitor the server. Set it and leave it!

Easily configure iSecure Protector SE to automatically detect, identify, and block suspicious IP Addresses. Get instant SMS and/or email alert of suspicious activities. Call Us at +1 (206) 992-8141 to get a free demo account.
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