Leading Provider of Dynamic Electronic Document Management

Organizations are moving away from paper daily and going to electronic document platforms. iSign International‘s solutions provide a secured cloud based platform where all of your documents are available anytime, anywhere in an encrypted system accessed by your biometric signature utilizing our proprietary technology; eliminating alphanumeric passwords which are hackable, lost or stolen daily. Our clients collaborate within their organizations on encrypted documents and with their customers utilizing iMail in an end to end encrypted communication, increasing workflow within the organization with security that is unmatched. iSign International offers solutions for the individual user to large corporations with superior scalability so as your business grows, we meet the needs of any organization.

Leading Provider of Biometric Security

iSign Biometric Signature is a proprietary encrypted gateway, encrypted electronic document and encrypted email application for desktop, Android and iOS. It uses end-to-end encryption to secure all communications to other iSign users. iSign platforms can be used to send and receive encrypted instant messages, group messages, attachments and digital content. Users can independently verify the identity of their messaging correspondents by utilizing the GPS tag and unique id attached to every document. iSign Internationals proprietary end-to-end encryption is a system of communication where only the communicating users can read the messages. It prevents potential eavesdroppers – including telecom providers, Internet providers, and even the provider of the communication service – from being able to access the encrypted message. The system is designed to defeat any attempts at surveillance and/or tampering because no third parties can decipher the data being communicated or stored. For example, companies that use our end-to-end encryption are unable to hand over texts of their customers' messages to the authorities.

Making Technology Easy For Everyone

iSign created proprietary technology from device auto pairing without NFC to 1 step process so that everyone can use our technology. Our core technology is our biometric signature recognition system that offers the highest in access control through biometric signature everyone can use to eliminate the need to remember the many passwords. As more and more users carry their mobile device with them, iSign created a 2-Factor authentication system, coupled with auto pairing and dynamic PKI to secure access to websites, applications, and cloud services.