dynamic multi-factor authentication is here
Simple and secure access to applications.
Incito SSO
Your account is protected by multi-factor authentication with biometric signature. iSign Incito offers access to more sites than any other single sign-on applications and your site credentials are protected by dual PKI encryption technology.
iSecure Protector SE
Protect your servers with advanced dynamic RDP and SSH port openning. Monitor both inbound and outbound network data packets with real-time packet translations. Easily configure iSecure Protector SE to automatically detect, identify, and block suspicious IP Addresses. Get instant SMS and/or email alert of suspicious activities.
iSmart Guard
Protecting your IoT devices from internal and external attacks.

Coming Soon!
Welcome to iSign International. iSign offers dynamic multi-factor authentication. Our iSecure Protector is 100% effective in detecting, blocking, and preventing firmware, operating system, and application malicious activities. An inexpensive endpoint digital security software that quickly analyzes your PC’s network activities to give you detailed information about where your data is destined to. With information such as ISPs, domains, IP addresses, and crowd blocking, you can quickly decide who you want to block or set it to automatic blocking. Our Incito is a Biometric Signature Single Sign-On for Windows PC, Mac, and mobile devices. Remembering passwords to sites is getting more and more difficult as these sites are requiring you to change your password more often. In addition to the requirements of changing your password, they are requiring you to use passwords you have not used before in the past and passwords that are more than 8 characters; this leads to user frustration and less productivities for employees and clients.
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